Fashion Sense.

I have to admit that this year has not been my most fashionable. For one, I have neglected my wardrobe and secondly, I tried the colour blocking thing and I just felt like I looked like a schedule 2 drug. Then came the Mayan/Aztec prints and I just wanted to hide. In fact, I had not been into a shop in months out of fear that I might be greeted by a mannequin dressed in prints. However, it got me thinking that my lack of fashion could also be related to my frame of mind which makes sense because if you don’t feel good, you don’t look good.

I am in a much better space as this year is coming to an end. I have been doing some introspection, started planning my year ahead and yes, it might change but there’s something in sight. With that said, I am looking forward to a refreshing my wardrobe. I haves found these items from various sites including my favourite local GQ site  that I think reflects my new frame of mind – something fresh and deliberate.

Here’s to a new me and you avec fashion nouveau.




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