Social Media: How’s your social CV?

I remember going for an interview back in 2007 and to my surprise, the interviewer commented on my taste in reading material. Totally shocked, I just smiled, shocked at the realisation that she had a peep at my Facebook profile which is now, sealed tight. Yes people, we are being watched.

Subsequently, social media has progressed and your online presence open to scrutiny, now, more than ever. It is a reflection of us so it’s not surprising that HR professionals are looking to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and your blog to ascertain your character and experience.

This is not to say that you can’t “say what you want because it’s the Internet”, it merely means that you should take care of your Online Reputation by following the general social media etiquette.

Firstly, if you’re on LinkedIn, keep your profile up to date. Tell a story and highlight any successes – it is your CV! Don’t put anything on LinkedIn that you won’t put on your CV.

Twitter, the place where we can vent, boast, insult, converse and connect. I mention converse and connect last because lately, I have been seeing less and less of it on my own timeline. This is probably the second place where recruiters will look so first things first, your bio. This is the first 149 characters that will be read so be as descriptive as you can, you want to give people a really good snapshot of who you are. Add a profile pic, no one likes to see an egg. Content is king, you want to keep it clean. Like the old saying goes, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Speak your mind but create context. Golden rule here, don’t say what you won’t say in public on Twitter!

Downing that bottle of tequila was awesome but let’s keep the evidence locked in our minds and not on Facebook. Really, there’s need to brag and honestly, people don’t want to see that. Keep your profile locked, set permissions and please, no offensive language. Once again, if you won’t do it in public, don’t place it on Facebook.

Your social resume and online profiles should speak to each other.  So take care.

I found this interesting infrographic created and based on research done by and published on It offers some excellent tips for improving your Online Reputation and Social CV.Image


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