The how-to of beards

Right, I find a beard incredibly sexy on a man. There, I said it. Having said that, I just can’t see myself with a beard only because I’m pedantic and messy and too scared I’ll end up with food stuck in it (the shame of it all!) and the fact that I suffer from Alopecia which means, my beard grows in patches.

However if you are thinking of growing one whether you;re following the hipster trend or to score (yes,ladies love the beard), there are some brules ha! that should be followed:

1. Start with a clean face

2. Use a shaving oil – your skin will start to itch about 2 weeks in.

3. Find a shape that suits your face – have a look over here

4. Play around with it – trim it and shape it

5. Take care of it – use beard shampoo, put a comb to it. You’re going for the stylish look not  hobo-chic

Good luck!


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