In Review: How to turn your iPhone into a projector with the Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120

I love gadgets but more so, I love effective gadgets, the ones that add value to my life. So, part of the GQ Style Blogger Start-Up challenge, I had the chance to play with the Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120 this weekend, courtesy of Orange South Africa.

The Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120, which is available on the Orange South Africa online store at is a projector made for Apple mobile devices (iPhone 3GS and beyond and iPad2 and later versions) that project your images and videos on to any surface up to 50”.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first; why on earth would I need a projector? Maybe I don’t but the traveling salesman, model and designer extraordinaire would. Always forgetting your USB with that all important presentation on it? E Voila, The Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120 is your answer providing however, that the presentation is AV or a picture slideshow.

The device’s light (225g) and simple design is complimentary to the sleek design of the Apple products in other words, you will impress the boardroom.

Just a gadget boy like me? If you’re not all about business, try this “little-big” out while projecting on the ceiling – spare your dirty thoughts lads. I tried it but it was tricky to keep it in one position without knocking it over so I ended up laying all statuesque. I eventually gave up and I watched an entire episode of Suits on my wall, with crystal clear picture! I suggest though, for the full experience, that you invest in a pair of good wireless speakers, which you can find at the Orange store as well.

Ease of use:
I found it really easy to use – it’s plug and play really.  It also doubles up as an iPhone charger, so plus-points!

It will set you back *R1 701.00 but subject to change.


  • It offers a 960 x 540 Pixel (Q1080p) resolution
  • Internal speaker
  • Projection distance of 17cm to 167cm
  • Dimensions: 95 x 146 x 46 mm
  • Embedded, 950 mAh Li-polymer, rechargeable battery
  • Read the full spec list  here

My verdict:
If you’re looking for an effective and stylish business tool, then this chappy comes highly recommended.

*Correct at time of publishing this post.



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