First year Mo(bro)

I decided to do Movember based on the fact that I could be involved in the planning of this year’s PR campaign. I committed and I have delivered but it took me halfway through the campaign to realise the importance of it. It could be because I shelf emotions and only now have been reminded of my uncle’s passing a few years ago – he had a long battle with throat cancer. He’s suffering was more than that though; an alcohol dependency and chain-smoking.


The Movember campaign has evolved into a global movement and with this, their focus has shifted to focus on more than just cancer to include men’s health including mental health issues such as depression, alcohol dependency and smoking. Their partnership with CANSA is a huge step in addressing men’s health through patient support.

It’s day 15 of living with my mo and although it’s itchy and I resemble a small town detective, I am staying committed.  I have registered a team which consist of four blokes in my department. Check out our page,, take the pledge and make your contribution.



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