D6 Restaurant – A taste of my home.

I am proud of my Cape Malay heritage and being a Capie.  And since I arrived in Joburg six years ago, I have been fighting against becoming a “Joburger” – I am a Capie, bluddy hell!

Missing Cape Town means missing my mom’s home cooked meals – akhni, butter chicken, breyani and good old chicken curry. And try as I may, I can never replicate those dishes, I do however, come pretty close.

I have found some place to assuage my “lus” for a nice plate of chicken curry – the Cape Malay way.

A few weeks ago, my craving kicked in and The Baker and I decided to look for the perfect curry. I vaguely remember seeing a restaurant called D6 on either Top Billing or Pasella years ago and they received rave reviews, although everything on any lifestyle show is either fabulous or “out of this world” – I don’t buy into much of what they say.

With the help of Google, I discovered, D6, a quaint little place in Emmerentia.


The food is as unpretentious as the place but truly authentic. Dishes are spicy and flavorful just as my mom makes them.  The atmosphere is personal with the owner doubling up as a host, cook and waiter.  She is also really interesting and the two of us had a fat conversation about Cape Town vs. Johannesburg. She thinks I am better suited to Joburg than Cape Town– I gave her the side  eye.

The menu ranges between R70 – R120. Although the food and kitchen is halaal, alcohol is permitted in the restaurant and because they don’t have a liquor license yet, you are able to bring your own at a surcharge of R10 per bottle.

I promise you, D6 offers amazing food with an amazing atmosphere.  Booking is essential and they can be contacted on 011 486 7226.


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