#SnapsforAdam – why it matters to me.

#SnapsforAdam – why it matters to me.

Last year, I got involved in the Movember campaign in aid of cancer awareness especially among men. This year, exactly a week ago, one of my best mates who coincidentally also took part in the Movember campaign, was diagnosed with cancer. Yup, cancer decided to fuck a little closer to home – again.

When I was 16, I lost my uncle to this disease (I blogged about this here) and anyone reading this has probably lost a loved one or know of someone who’s passed from it. However, Cancer fucked with the wrong person this time. While we were all breaking down and sending messages of support, Adam has been fighting and devising a plan to beat the crap out of “the silent killer.” You see Adam is cunning and calculated; he’s our own Batman. And knowing my friend, he’ll get through this and then reference the scene in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, where Batman’s back is on the mend and he makes the impossible climb out of the cave/prison. Let’s call it #theclimb.

Another friend of ours, Dave, started a movement on SnapChat dubbed #SnapsforAdam – if you’re not sure what is (totally giving you side-eyes), you can read more on it on Adam’s blog right over at Electric Sheep. While this might not support the fight against cancer directly, it gave us an opportunity to show our support to our friend in a language that spoke to his heart.


You too can get involved by following the #tag #SnapsforAdam. Support and awareness can be expressed differently but if you want to show support in a more traditional way, donate to SA’s largest Cancer awareness campaign, the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). CANSA’s main role is to drive awareness and lead the fight against Cancer through a holistic approach that includes research, care and support.

Whether you’re also just supporting a buddy through initiatives like #SnapsforAdam, donations or caring for a cancer patient, remain positive and always remember, #fuckcancer!


6 thoughts on “#SnapsforAdam – why it matters to me.

  1. Awesome! I like it – better than a no make up selfie for sure. I hate cancer too – stolen FAR too many of my specials… My friend’s 4yr old has it too and fighting 4 lung tumors desperately – please keep her in your thoughts and prayers too as I will Adam. He can beat this shit ass disease!


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