Happy Freedom Day South Africa

On 27 April, South Africa will celebrate 20 years of democracy. I remember this day, 20 years ago – its emotional rather than visual. By then, my mom had explained “the struggle” to me. I could tell that it was a big day, my mom was excited, and the neighbours were talking loudly over their fences, there was laughter and people planning celebrations. I had voters-envy, there was a sense that something big was going to happen and I wanted to be part of it. Freedom was born and that night, freedom was celebrated.

I attended school, I was a member of my town’s Junior Town Council, I moved from one continent to another and from city to city. It was pretty normal but these are things that I had access to which was previously only available to some members of society.

I only really understand Freedom now. Freedom to me means that I can live my life without being judgment based on the colour of my skin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  My freedom means that I make my own choices, can express my feelings and my voice without being persecuted. I can walk around wherever I want to, grab a coffee in any shop, I can be friends with whoever I want, I can show affection towards my partner – we can walk through this colourful country and live our lives.

Today I am grateful so happy Freedom Day South Africa.






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