Grooming: The Real Shaving Co Shaving Gel

The problem:
Large, unpractical can of shaving foam in my small toiletry bag when going to gym.

The solution:
I walked into Clicks looking for a smaller version of my normal shaving foam. I stumbled across The Real Shaving Co range. They have a shaving foam and gel in a convenient plastic tube which was exactly what I needed. I settled on the shaving gel.


The Result:
Even though the gel is low-foaming, it still gives you a smooth skin surface to work with and a friction-free shave. It also contains seaweed and aloe vera extracts that leaves your skin fresh and moisturised.

R49.99 for 125ml and available at selected Clicks Stores

The range has a three-step approach; wash, shave and moisturise. I have a fourth once a week… Yes, I exfoliate but wait, they have a daily facial wash-cum-scrub as well. Needless to say, I bought the entire range and I’ll update you guys on how the rest of the products work.


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