Adulting: the age of DIY, bonds and insurance


I am adulting hard, people. Over the last few months, I have purchased a house, I have discovered that I am a DIY Divo.  I can cook and I have hustled my way into saving on car insurance.


My mom used to say, “mens moet elke sent spaar en wat djy oor het moet jy in elke gaaitjie stop.” Loosely translated, “Save every cent and use every cent saved to plug shortcomings in your budget”. Momma was right; for every saving, there is an expense – black tax included.

It has been rough but I have learned a few lessons like for instance, taking stock of your life from time to time isn’t admin. It’s an opportunity and in my case, discovering that my insurance premiums escalated without me noticing.

A call to my insurer confirmed my dislike for insurance companies – they wouldn’t budge. So now, I need an affordable premium for the same cover, right. The caveat, I am a creature of habit and swaying me is difficult. I am also very skeptical of insurance done over the phone. You see, I trust faces more than voices.


So, when I was forced to look for more affordable insurance, I shook the habit and faced my fears – that 30- minute telephonic interrogation with a faceless agent. After three frustrating calls, fortune entered in the guise of a cheeky insurer, King Price Insurance. I received insurance based on my needs and what I love is that they understand that depreciating assets require dynamic premiums.

Fast-forward and 15 minutes later, I managed to cut my previous premiums by half as well as a lower excess fee and my insurance premiums decrease as my car depreciates. I have saved R300 for full, comprehensive insurance – a saving that will now go towards turning my study into a man cave of sorts. 

Yaaaaaas to small victories!





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