Happy #NationalComingoutday

I was a late bloomer, I’ve always been, to be honest.

I came out to my mom at 25. It wasn’t dramatic as I thought it would be. I had just returned from the UK where I met my first boyfriend. I think it was a combination of missing a place I started calling home, I missed my ex and the frustration of having to pretend.

The conversation with my mom was brief. I sat her down an told her that I had no wish to get married, her face changed. For a moment I had regrets about the entire conversation. I felt like I was robbing her of a daughter-in-law and a grandchild but there was no turning back. I spat it out – I was an inarticulate mess.

She wasn’t as accepting and asked me to keep it from the family although, seriously, everyone knew anyway. Eleven years later, she adores me, she loves The Baker, we speak more often and on a deeper level. I am comfortable with who I am, I am loved and supported.

To everyone struggling, you are loved, you are supported.

Happy Coming Out Day.



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