In Review: How to turn your iPhone into a projector with the Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120

I love gadgets but more so, I love effective gadgets, the ones that add value to my life. So, part of the GQ Style Blogger Start-Up challenge, I had the chance to play with the Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120 this weekend, courtesy of Orange South Africa.

The Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120, which is available on the Orange South Africa online store at is a projector made for Apple mobile devices (iPhone 3GS and beyond and iPad2 and later versions) that project your images and videos on to any surface up to 50”.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first; why on earth would I need a projector? Maybe I don’t but the traveling salesman, model and designer extraordinaire would. Always forgetting your USB with that all important presentation on it? E Voila, The Aiptek Mobile Cinema 120 is your answer providing however, that the presentation is AV or a picture slideshow.

The device’s light (225g) and simple design is complimentary to the sleek design of the Apple products in other words, you will impress the boardroom.

Just a gadget boy like me? If you’re not all about business, try this “little-big” out while projecting on the ceiling – spare your dirty thoughts lads. I tried it but it was tricky to keep it in one position without knocking it over so I ended up laying all statuesque. I eventually gave up and I watched an entire episode of Suits on my wall, with crystal clear picture! I suggest though, for the full experience, that you invest in a pair of good wireless speakers, which you can find at the Orange store as well.

Ease of use:
I found it really easy to use – it’s plug and play really.  It also doubles up as an iPhone charger, so plus-points!

It will set you back *R1 701.00 but subject to change.


  • It offers a 960 x 540 Pixel (Q1080p) resolution
  • Internal speaker
  • Projection distance of 17cm to 167cm
  • Dimensions: 95 x 146 x 46 mm
  • Embedded, 950 mAh Li-polymer, rechargeable battery
  • Read the full spec list  here

My verdict:
If you’re looking for an effective and stylish business tool, then this chappy comes highly recommended.

*Correct at time of publishing this post.


“Life is very shirt” – The Blue Collar|White Collar experience

I have a secret and it would take a competition for it to be outed. See, I’m not a shirt guy – I live in a t-shirt, however, I’m a sucker for a crisp white shirt. It’s really just a reflection of my personality – simple, versatile and classic like a Calvin Klein ad circa 1990’s… ha!

So having the task of getting out of my comfort zone, I found myself being drawn into the Blue Collar White Collar (BCWC) store in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The product of Cape Town duo, Paul van der Spuy and Adrian Heneke, who both have a rich history in local fashion, BCWC preaches life, passion and a shirt.

BCWCS Shopfront  Rosebank

BCWCS Shopfront Rosebank

The store:
Don’t expect a traditional menswear store, this store is a reflection of the brand and its personality. You walk in and you can see the distinction between their two product offerings, which is what I’ll get to in a minute.
However, it’s carefully and methodically arranged that it’s almost a marriage of the two – even the artwork lends itself to the lines. I loved the feel of the store; it’s boutique-like but without the presumption.

Top two pics are inspiration for the White Collar range. Bottom two pics inspired the Blue Collar range.

Top two pics are inspiration for the White Collar range. Bottom two pics inspired the Blue Collar range.

The lines:
You won’t find a Carducci here, no sir. The shirts are designed by the Adrian and Paul and produced in Cape Town.

Blue Collar Range and inspiration.

Blue Collar Range and inspiration.

Blue Collar is reflective of the “blue collar worker”; it’s more industrial, daring and relaxed. Here you’ll find the checks, gingham and florals. This is Paul’s personality I’m advised.

White Collar Range and inspiration

White Collar Range and inspiration

White collar is for the classic gentleman. Drawing from the preppy, golfer and Bond looks, this is where you’ll play if you want to make a serious impression in the boardroom and pretty much anywhere.

Adrian and BCWC packaging

Adrian and BCWC packaging

Competitive edge:
I was in luck because Adrian happened to be in the store. This charmer took me on the BCWC journey and you’ll be pleased to know that although they have 2 stores, the product has some exclusivity. As Adrian explains, he normally buys one roll of fabric from which approximately 25 shirts are made – yes, 25 only!
New stock is rolled out every fortnight to ensure that they stay on trend and that consumers always have something to look forward to.

Expect to pay anything from R600 to R1200.

Sadly, not. Alteration services available but it could take up 7 weeks – not ideal for the hasty groom or the frequent traveler. This particular store also has limited accessories like ties and bow ties but the sell cufflinks, which is a bonus.

A non-assuming store with friendly and personal service that offers local, high-quality and stylish shirts for the man with a balanced lifestyle and budget.

Find them at:
Johannesburg – Shop GF08, The Zone at Rosebank Mall, Oxford Street, Rosebank.
T: +21 11 024 1380 | E:
Saturdays at The Neighbourgoods Market – 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein, 9am – 3pm

Cape Town – Shop G21, Lifestyles at Kloof, Kloof Street.
T: +27 21 426 1921 | E:
Saturdays at The Neighbourgoods Market (Old Biscuit Mill) – 347 Albert Road, Salt River, 9am – 2pm
Wah wah wah:

I need your vote in the GQ/Orange Style Blogger Start-Up competition

I’ve been entered into the inaugural GQ Style Blogger Start-Up competition in association with Orange!

The competition will see me compete in a series of challenges against four other South African bloggers for the ultimate Blogger Start-Up Kit consisting of a tablet, phone, camera and a the opportunity to become a guest writer for GQ!

Please have a look at the competition site over here and vote for me!

Wish me luck!


Fashion Sense.

I have to admit that this year has not been my most fashionable. For one, I have neglected my wardrobe and secondly, I tried the colour blocking thing and I just felt like I looked like a schedule 2 drug. Then came the Mayan/Aztec prints and I just wanted to hide. In fact, I had not been into a shop in months out of fear that I might be greeted by a mannequin dressed in prints. However, it got me thinking that my lack of fashion could also be related to my frame of mind which makes sense because if you don’t feel good, you don’t look good.

I am in a much better space as this year is coming to an end. I have been doing some introspection, started planning my year ahead and yes, it might change but there’s something in sight. With that said, I am looking forward to a refreshing my wardrobe. I haves found these items from various sites including my favourite local GQ site  that I think reflects my new frame of mind – something fresh and deliberate.

Here’s to a new me and you avec fashion nouveau.