The how-to of beards

Right, I find a beard incredibly sexy on a man. There, I said it. Having said that, I just can’t see myself with a beard only because I’m pedantic and messy and too scared I’ll end up with food stuck in it (the shame of it all!) and the fact that I suffer from Alopecia which means, my beard grows in patches.

However if you are thinking of growing one whether you;re following the hipster trend or to score (yes,ladies love the beard), there are some brules ha! that should be followed:

1. Start with a clean face

2. Use a shaving oil – your skin will start to itch about 2 weeks in.

3. Find a shape that suits your face – have a look over here

4. Play around with it – trim it and shape it

5. Take care of it – use beard shampoo, put a comb to it. You’re going for the stylish look not  hobo-chic

Good luck!



Feiyue means ‘flying forward’ and I only started noticing this brand late last year with the launch of their awesome pop-up store or truck to be correct. Vintage, comfortable and pleasing on the eye, these charmers were popular in the 1920’s Shangai and then acquired by three wise Frenchman who added some French aesthetic to create and evolve the shoes into the icons that they are today. They eventually made their way to South Africa, much to the delight of hipsters from Woodstock to Melville.

I have yet to purchase a pair so I can’t speak about their wear and tear but from what I hear, they’re keepers.

I have spotted a few favourites which I have my eye on and I hear there’s a massive sale so have a look at their collection at or have a look at their Facebook page at