I now you don’t mind the interruption a few days before payday because who doesn’t love a sale?

One of my favourite local fashion houses, Adriaan Kuiters will be hosting a sale on Thursday 27 August 2015. Sadly, I won’t be there as it’s taking place at the Kloof Street studio in Cape Town. The sale starts at 18h00 and you will get this lauded collection for up to 75% less.

The Autumn/Winter collection is strongly reminiscent of art movements like Dadaism and constructivism with a heavy focus on outerwear for the guys and girls such as reversible raincoats, coats and bomber jackets as well as fitted, tailored dresses, shifts and pleated A-line skirts.

For more info, visit or follow them on @adriaankuiters .

Here’s a little sneak-peek ahead of the sale.






Edcon set to launch Express in South Africa

Edgars is fast becoming the biggest fashion retailer with its inclusion of major fashion brands in their stores. First they brought us Topman, Diesel, Guess and Tom Tailor.  The latest and one which I am really excited about, is  U.S fashion apparel brand, Express.

For more than 30 years the Express brand has offered a distinct combination of fashion and quality for multiple lifestyle occasions at an attractive value addressing fashion needs across work, casual, jeanswear, wear to work and going-out occasions.

The brand is expected to launch as a store-in-store concept at select Edgars locations by the end of 2014 as well as a stand-alone Express Shop.

Here are some of my favourite items from the Express online store.


Blazer Cardie Hoodie Star print

Happy Freedom Day South Africa

On 27 April, South Africa will celebrate 20 years of democracy. I remember this day, 20 years ago – its emotional rather than visual. By then, my mom had explained “the struggle” to me. I could tell that it was a big day, my mom was excited, and the neighbours were talking loudly over their fences, there was laughter and people planning celebrations. I had voters-envy, there was a sense that something big was going to happen and I wanted to be part of it. Freedom was born and that night, freedom was celebrated.

I attended school, I was a member of my town’s Junior Town Council, I moved from one continent to another and from city to city. It was pretty normal but these are things that I had access to which was previously only available to some members of society.

I only really understand Freedom now. Freedom to me means that I can live my life without being judgment based on the colour of my skin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  My freedom means that I make my own choices, can express my feelings and my voice without being persecuted. I can walk around wherever I want to, grab a coffee in any shop, I can be friends with whoever I want, I can show affection towards my partner – we can walk through this colourful country and live our lives.

Today I am grateful so happy Freedom Day South Africa.





One site that houses everything that you’ll love, one site that will rule your wallet… if you’re not too click-happy.

I was recently introduced to the latest online fashion store, 
To me, it wasn’t just another online store, it actually evoked emotion ( apart from making me really, really warm on the inside over everything that I saw on the site) but it took me down memory lane to my days spent abroad, where I used to “ooh” and “aah” at the cutting edge fashion that Europe had to offer. Trust me, the fashion is that good.

The online store has its roots in South Africa and was formed by a group of local entrepreneurs.  Bent on bringing exclusive fashion items to the masses, the store  is also armed with an out-of-this-world e-commerce site that offers you a safe and sleek shopping experience.

The fashion
The store has a clearly defined mens and womens range that caters for the trend-conscientious and ever-evolving fashionista and fashinosto.

The store houses some never-seen-before haute couture for the street with concessionary brands like ElevenParis, Shutz and Revolution to Private Label Brands (and proudly South African) Apologies Aside (a funk odyssey), Sgt Pepper (hipster galore)  and Golden Lace Club (jaw-dropping shoes).

Around the world
Yes, global fashionistas, the store caters for you. Click, double-click and your parcel will be on your way even to Australia and Europe! How’s that for global takeover?

Have a look around the shop at, follow them on Twitter for the latest updates or have a look at their awesome Pinterest board.

These are my favorite looks that can be found in store now.


Apologies Aside


Apologies Aside

Sgt Pepper Bradford Shirt


Sgt Pepper Abner Tee

Something for the modern man

One of the very few menswear labels in SA and possibly my favorite, Adriaan Kuiters delivers classy, tailored yet edgy pieces for the modern man. Personally, It reminds me of the Calvin Klein generation; a celebration of your individuality and self-expression, the chance to be yourself, well kind of, in something produced by someone else.

Check out some of my favourite items and while you’re at it, have a look at his online store at or www.36man.comImageImage